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KIALOA SUP Bag VestPac ZKG Water Sports Shoe - Perfect for Stand Up Paddling
KIALOA SUP BagVestPac ZKG Water Shoes by Zhik

Full length stand up paddle bag by KIALOA. Stores and protects up to three paddles as well as other personal items. Includes a key leash. Adjustable strap. Adjustable strap and retractable elastic handle for comfortable carrying.

VestPacs are the lightest, most comfortable hydration pack on the market. This model, the WilsonPac has the most storage space for valuable accessories and snacks.

We're stoked to introduce the ZKG - a shoe designed to transition seamlessly from street to water.




True Ames SWT SUP Fin Super Safety Rubber Fin
True Ames SWT SUP FinSuper Safety Rubber Fin
Ideal for shallow water! Effortlessly glides through reeds! Excellent tracking – switch sides less often!Sacrificing performance for safety, this fin is very bendy and will deflect off of your body or rocks. It's the best you can get for shallow waters and/or clutzy riders. If you're going to SUP in rocky rivers, this fin is a must.



1 - 5 of 5 items