Board & Paddle Protection

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Stand Up Paddle Sock by Dakine KIALOA Blade Cover KIALOA SUP Bag
Dakine Stand Up Paddle SockKIALOA Blade CoverKIALOA SUP Bag
The Dakine Stand Up Paddle Sock is made from soft, durable polyester cloth. Features a drawstring closure and webbing handle. Fits up to 84".

KIALOA's Paddle Blade Cover is designed to protect one blade of either outrigger or surf paddles. Padded on both sides with an added layer and box quilt stitching on one side for extra protection. External zipped pocket for personal items.

Full length stand up paddle bag by KIALOA. Stores and protects up to three paddles as well as other personal items. Includes a key leash. Adjustable strap. Adjustable strap and retractable elastic handle for comfortable carrying.




Pro-Lite Session Stand Up Paddle Board Bag - Available in Sizes in 9.0 to 14' Dakine Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Bag Stand Up Paddle Blade Cover by ProLite
Pro-Lite Session Stand Up Paddle BagsSUP Paddle Bag by DakineSUP Paddle Blade Sleeve by ProLite
The Pro-Lite Session Stand Up Paddle Board Bag has all the quality and durability you need to transport your board with complete ease of mind. Available in sizes 9.0 to 14'. Free shipping. No sales tax.This easy-carry paddle bag is cheap insurance to keep your expensive paddle in top condition.Blade covers are a great way to keep your your paddle blade looking good and performing well. This one by ProLite is both durable and affordable.




SurfCo Hawaii Rail Saving Tape Paddle Guard Kit
SurfCo Hawaii Rail Saving TapePaddle Guard Kit
A clear, tough protective grip tape for the rails of SUP boards. Protects rails from nicks and scratches. Provides excellent grip for the rails. Kit includes 2 3"X72" clear rail tapes, nose guard primer, and easy to follow instructions.Keep your paddle from nicking the side of your stand up board AND from getting the edges of the paddle ragged. Easy to install kit.



1 - 8 of 8 items